Server Rules

Gameplay Rules

Gameplay rules apply to all games played on any official Legacy Edition Minigames server.
1. Modifying the game or your computer in any way to gain any sort of advantage over other players is forbidden. (Some but not limited to: Autoclickers, Mods that show information you by default dont know, hacked clients)
Punishment: Permanent ban
2. Skins that violate chat rules are not permitted.
Punishment: Skin will be replaced with a skin from the LCE default skin pack
3. All chat rules below apply to in game chat.

Chat Rules

0. Moderators may issue any punishment they see fit, with the consensus of other moderators.
1. DDoS/Doxxing threads are not allowed.
Punishment: Permanent mute
2. Do not use slurs or other pejorative terms.
Punishment: Strict warning, 7 day mute if continued, then perm mute if continued further
3. Abusers and abusive behavior are not allowed. If someone known to be abusive is present in the server, contact a staff member immediately.
Punishment: Permanent ban
4. Any sort of harassment is not allowed.
Punishment: Permanent ban
5. Respect other people's triggers, use content warnings on potentially triggering content.
Punishment: Warning, then 7 day mute, then permanent mute
6. Fascism, reactionary stances, and exclusionary behavior is not allowed.
Punishment: Permanent ban
7. Spam and excessive advertising is not allowed.
Punishment: Warn, then 7 day mute, and finally permanent mute
8. Do not post not safe for work (including but not limited to pornography and gore) content in the server.
Punishment: 30 day mute, then permanent mute
9. Do not encourage or organize raids.
Punishment: Permanent ban
10. Do not be toxic. Some level of banter might be acceptable, but keep it friendly.
Punishment: Warning, then 7 day mute, then permanent mute
11. Keep arguments peaceful and productive.
Punishment: Warning, then 7 day mute, then permanent mute
12. Ban evasion is not allowed. This includes joining on alts after your main has been banned.
Punishment: Permanent ban
13. Discussing politically charged topics is not permitted.
Punishment: Warning, 7 day mute if continued
14. Do not claim you have cheats while you actually don't, nor should you pretend to cheat.
Punishment: First 3 offences are warnings, then Temp Mute
15. Please comply with all warnings and advisement from the moderation team. Technicalities are not exceptions from moderation discretion.
Punishments apply to both the Legacy Edition Minigames Minecraft and Discord server.