LEM is funded by the community to host the servers, helping us improve the server and keep it online.

With enough funding, more features like private servers will eventually become available for everyone!

You will not receive any competetive advantages by donating.

Donations are done through a monthly subscription model through Patreon, please keep this in mind before proceeding

Note: You may cancel your subscription at any time without any additional cost.

We thank all donators for your continued support to allow the server to be available for everyone without ads or pay to win elements!

Important note: To gain access to Minecraft benefits, you must send a message on Patreon after donating with your Java Edition username!


Tiny Supporter $2 Per Month
Tier 1 Heart Cosmetic
Discord role
Access to patron Discord channel
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Small Supporter $5 Per Month
Tier 2 Heart Cosmetic
Ability to change your own spectator mob to be different from the host's settings
Everything from previous tiers
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Standard Supporter $10 Per Month
Tier 3 Heart Cosmetic
Custom Heart Cosmetic texture made by you
(Persistent! You will keep this perk even after you stop donating)
Everything from previous tiers
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Large Supporter $15 Per Month
Tier 4 Heart Cosmetic
Early access to private servers feature
Everything from previous tiers
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Large+ Supporter $20 Per Month
Tier 5 Heart Cosmetic
Everything from previous tiers
Destroying your wallet
Seriously why would you donate to this tier its so expensive
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