R26.4 Now Available!

A new resource version is now available!

R26.4 introduces a few new features, notably 1.19.3 support

Added Features:

  • Added support for Minecraft 1.19.3

  • Added an option to disable music that might be claimed on YouTube or Twitch (/trigger safemusic)

  • Added LCE style item tooltips

  • Added mini game logo to tablist

  • Added Natural texture pack as an option for ModTools creators

  • Fixed hotbar UI having a shadow in 1.19.1 and above

  • Removed shadows from a bunch of Custom UI elements

  • Fixed paintings that had transparency in their texture having a black background

  • Added French translations

  • Plus some other tweaks!

Unfortunately, due to some features in this update that require 1.17+ features, 1.16 version support is being dropped in this update